Product Description

The Oztent King Komodo HotSpot Chair is the ultimate in luxury camp chairs for all seasons. It boasts Oztent’s patented HotSpot technology that allows an incredible passive heating experience for those cold days simply by slipping in your (included) HotSpot pouch. It is super high-quality aluminium alloy construction using luxurious 600D Polyester fabrics. It is fully padded and has a weight rating of 200Kg. It easily reclines and locks in any place for maximum relaxation. The pull-out side table incorporates recessed drink and phone holders.

Key Features
Infinite reclining capability
HotSpot functionality to keep you warm
Fully padded for maximum comfort
Adjustable head rest/lumbar pillow
Includes 1 x HotSpot pouch



The King Komodo HotSpot Chair is the ultimate all season chair. No need for electricity, batteries or cables! The HotSpot passive comfort heating chair range includes 4 insulated thermally reflective pockets to hold up to one Oztent HotSpot Pouch each – heating your chair up to approximately 45C! Now you have warmth from the fire and up to 1 hour (Up to 500 uses) of warmth from your HotSpot chair.

Infinite reclining capability

The King Komodo HotSpot Chair reclines to give you the maximum amount of comfort and relaxtion. Easily recline to your preferred position and lock it off with the easily accessible locks. Recline like a King!


Every King Komodo HotSpot Chair includes an attached headrest/lumbar pillow. Slide it up and down the backrest to your liking - place it in the lumbar position for extra lumbar support or up at your head for somewhere to lay your head for that mid-afternoon campsite nap.