Product Description

Introducing the Oztent SV-5 Max - our newest innovation. Named “SV" after Shane Viglione our late owner and visionary. This was the last tent design he worked on. Now brought through to fruition, the SV-5 Max features a patent pending angled frame design meaning it has a 3m width at the front of the tent. The peaked front awning also tapers out to a 3.5m width opening the living area right up. The SV-5 Max also comes with a Zip-in Tarp Extension which then tapers out again giving the front a massive 5m width! It also includes all of our most popular features such as 30-second setup, SkyMesh Skylight, peak poles, included fly and a new carry bag.

Key Features
- Fast and easy 30-second setup of main tent
- Spacious - 3m frontage and sloping internal walls for greater floor area
- See the stars - SkyMesh Skylight built into the roof
- We've included a huge Zip-in Tarp Extension -No need to carry an extra marquee 
- Includes carry bag, all poles, pegs and ropes needed to setup the tent and peak the awning
- Utilising our tried and trusted polycotton canvas material
- Sleeps 5

Key Features

30 Second Setup

It’s a new tent but with a very familiar frame - the brand new SV-5 Max frame is angled but can still be setup by one person in less than 30-seconds!



We’ve modified the famous 30-second Oztent frame and given it 100° angled corners meaning the tent tapers out to give you 3m of frontage! The walls also slope outwards meaning your floor space is now bigger and more usable than ever.


Zip-in Tarp Extension Included

The SV-5 Max is all about maximum space, so we’ve included a brand new Zip-in Tarp Extension giving you a massive undercover space with 5m of frontage and 2.5m of extra depth out the front of your already huge attached awning!


SkyMesh Skylight

SkyMesh is built into the roof of the main tent and unzips to give you a full, insect free view of the stars. All zips are located inside the tent to allow for easy opening and closing. SkyMesh also gives you great ventilation inside the tent.


Peaking Poles Included

We believe your Oztent SV-5 MAX Awning is best when it’s peaked so we included everything you need to do that! 2 x Peak Poles and 2 x Spreader Bars (plus ropes and pegs) come included with every SV-5 MAX.


Carry Bag

Travel with your Oztent SV-5 MAX on the roof.


Utilising our Tried and Trusted Polycotton Canvas

Just like the original RV Range, the SV-5 MAX utilises our trusted 8oz Ripstop Polycotton Canvas. This material is super high-quality and durable - which is what you've come to expect when buying an Oztent tent.