Product Description

A brand new innovation from Oztent, introducing the Taipan HotSpot Chair. This is an ultra lightweight (only 4.4kg total) recreational chair and also includes HotSpot features to keep you warm. It incorporates the same great features you've come to love from Oztent chairs including adjustable lumbar support, super high-quality construction, and a massive 150kg weight rating. The new Taipan HotSpot Chair includes 4 insulated pockets designed to hold up to 4 HotSpot Pouches for an incredible passive heating experience. Included are 2 x free HotSpot Pouches.

Key Features
Ultra lightweight (4.4kg total)
Patented adjustable lumbar support
150kg weight rating
2 x Free HotSpot Pouches included
4 x Insulated HotSpot Pockets
Insulated drink holder
Fully padded for maximum comfort
Headrest for carry bag storage


Ultra Lightweight

The Taipan HotSpot Chair is made from Magnesium Alloy meaning it's ultra lightweigh but also super strong with a weight rating of 150kg!


HotSpot Functionality

The Taipan HotSpot Chair has 4 insulated HotSpot Pockets. It also comes with 2 free HotSpot Pouches. Simply activate the pouch and place it in a pocket for the best heated camp chair experience ever.


Adjustable Lumbar Support

Oztent's patented adjustable lumbar support will ensure a comfortable chair for people of any size.


Headrest Storage

The headrest of the Taipan Chair doubles as a convenient storage space for the carry bag.