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A Swag of Gold

A Swag of Gold

Even before we release it, the consideration paid to the design, innovation, and construction of our new OZTENT DS-2 PitchBlack Double Dome Swag sees it taking out a GOLD Good Design Award. This makes it the stand-out product in the sport and lifestyle category of the awards program.

Explaining the win, the judges said:

“The main focus on light-proof fabric is a great bonus for Australian outback conditions. This is the first product of its kind to block out sunlight, which is very impressive. It's a well thought out and executed double swag that offers high-quality, breathable fabric, in-built ventilation solutions and good tie-downs.

Overall, it's the ultimate high-end swag.

A standout project that ticks all the boxes for good design in this category.
Well done.”

More on our swags soon – tip, don’t going buying a new dome swag any time this month, you’ll be disappointed!

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