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How to find the best seat for you

How to find the best seat for you

We have found that no matter where you are in the world and what the weather is doing, finding a perfect camping chair for can take some time.

This is because the preference is very personal, and choices differ considerably.

So, to help you in your selection, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you like high backs and sitting tall, or lower backs that won’t knock your hat off?
  • How about the arms? Would you prefer them to be hard, that makes it easy to push up from; but soft arms are more flexible and form to better cradle your build.
  • What about size and weight? Make sure it can hold the kids playing about and bigger campers - many of our chairs have a load bearing capacity of 200kg.
  • What are the climate conditions you’re facing? While only OZTENT HotSpot™ chairs are perfect for any season, you need to consider how your chair will help with warmth and comfort as the seasons change.
  • How’s your back – look for a chair you can adjust to suit your needs. We developed the OZTENT Lumbar Support so you can adjust your chair to your size, seat, and posture – other brands now have similar offerings.
  • Smart Additions - Want a table with your chair, or a table that turns into a chair? How about a cooler, a mini storage unit or storage for your technology? There are now plenty of options for chairs think about what you really need.
  • Durability matters. We hate seeing ruined old chairs left lying around campsites, please make sure you invest in something that will last.

    As we hope you already know, every aspect of our chairs has been thoroughly thought through. They are designed to go the distance and are the ONLY camp chairs supported by a five-year warranty.

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