Product Description

Introducing the Oztent Double Camper Cupboard! Building on the ever popular Oztent Camp Cupboard – the Double Camper Cupboard features easy setup and pack-down, 2 storage areas with 3 shelves each, extra large side pockets, a laminated aluminium resin bench top and it all packs down to a flat pack size which is perfect for your next camping adventure. The Oztent Double Camper Cupboard is strong and sturdy – you can even use the bench top to cook on!

Key Features
Easy and fast setup and pack down
6 large internal shelves
Strong and sturdy construction - you can cook on top!
Compact pack down size
Laminated aluminium resin bench top


Super Sturdy

Unlike other camping cupboards, the Oztent Double Camper Cupboard is super sturdy. Use it as a benchtop, put your portable BBQ on top or just use it as a dinner table.


Compact Pack Size

The Double Camper Cupboard packs down flat to allow for easy storage when transporting. It's only 10.5cm high once packed!


Large Internal Shelves

The Oztent Double Camper Cupboard has 6 large internal shelves. Each shelf also has an insertable, solid, aluminium edged MDF bases so that the fabric shelves won't sag.